World War 2 Nissen Huts

IMG_6979IMG_6976Over the years, we have converted many buildings to different uses, e.g. barns, churches, commercial buildings and the like.
We have never done Nissen Huts however and the pics show the two we are currently working on.

They are in Essex and were put there to pick up enemy transmissions using a network of masts and wires.

They were manned 24 hours a day and the buildings include everything necessary for a team to live there, plus a workshop / garage area for the vehicles and plant.

This site was used by the Admiralty and was known as a Y station and could pick up transmissions from U boats off the west coast of France, and then triangulated the received transmission with other Y stations, and Bletchley Park could then determine the position of the ships.

Now all measured and photographed and we will be preparing the proposed floor plans for a dwelling in each building, in readiness for submitting the Planning Application.

This is one of the few Y stations left in the country and is considered a heritage asset and we are working closely with the Local Council to preserve and re-use it.


IMG_6910 IMG_6975

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