Change of Use / conversions of various buildings to dwellings

Was just having a think of the various types of buildings w’eve converted to dwellings over the years, and came up with:-

Barns –  timber frame, brick, steel framed, concrete framed 

Vinery          Church / chapel          Schools

Stables             Maltings                    Granary

Water Mill          Pubs                          Abbatoir

and, of course ————   Nissen Huts


Nissen Huts to Dwellings Completion

Nissen Huts to Dwellings

Nissen Huts to Dwellings
Left to right: Historical advisor; client; client, archaeological consultant; our office manager; trainee architect / CADbod; me; chief designer; structural engineer; Richard Nissen, grandson of the Nissen Hut inventor in 1916, Major Peter Nissen

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